Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why I don't like to swim in USM swimming pool?

I think for most of my same kinds, there are less and less fun to swim in the USM pool.
I still can remember how happy am I during first year, to swim in the pool, after stop my training for about 7 years. That's what I check for after I received offer by USM, wow, there is a pool!

During my time as Junior Exco (S n R), we need to arrange events for outings, need to duty as Lifeguards, check the lifeguard room cleanliness, and of course, help monitor the lifeguard disciplines. But second year I'm still enjoy to do all this stuffs, although my results drop under 3.0.

During that time, we all still happy family.

LAst year, during my 3rd year, is a bad year for me.
Being a vice captain, I need to deal more with the higher authority, the pak cik (guarding the entrance), and also members from lifeguards.

When there are too many things come together, I still able to handle it.
But, when too many politics come together, I feel depressed.

Sports should be just sports! but our dear head of sports unit, is doing a great job to stop the development of student sports.

Let's say about the swimming pool.
This is happen recently.

Case 1, USM lifeguard corps
Unit Sukan hired 3 permanent lifeguards to duty at the pool without inform or discuss with USM lifeguard corps. So one day, 3 lifeguards suddenly pop up! and most importantly, they do not know anything about USM pool rules! They were not informed properly by the unit sukan (I dont think they should be called management nor administration unit).
This is a sign of not respecting students body. As being the most active lifeguard corps in Malaysia, Sports unit USM is trying to stop us from growing, ya, good job, USM lifeguard corps is going down. * And the so call permanent lifeguard is just sitting up at the entrance and look from there, teaching swimming while on duty. This is called PROFESSIONAL! Unit sukan really did a good job!

Case 2, Minden fencers
My friend is the founder of minden fencer, Abe Woo.
I still remember how hard to build it up in the starting point, exam month but every sunday we will gather at unit sukan for training to fence!
That time, our coach is Sir Lim Pei Jing.
he did contributed a lot to build this sports in USM.

Now, he resigned from USM. Why?
Sports unit accept another coach by just looking at the letter and never never consult the team.
This is another similar case, never respect others.
What a loss for Minden Fencer.

Don't think what University can do for you, think what you can do for the university!


sAn said...

y so emo recently?
u r still our good n nice n with waist bag at tummy de instructor ar..

CelluloSaT~ said...

No ma, I do happy to teach award n distinction, is not the problem...

I just dont like the way usm especially unit sukan treat us ma...

Not emo la, because the longer im here, the more i realise ma...Especially after got the Apex status, they forgot students also playing an important part in this Apex programe ma.

aiya, i just wanna express my feeling la. no big deal one. =)

pizxebe said...

Lets find all non MPP societies and stop all activities for 1 semester....see they scare or not

CelluloSaT~ said...

hehe, they sure scare till laosai lo...
Cham liao la... haiz...

But Malaysians usually not dare one, too many gila act can lock u up without reason... geng!

Pacifier said...

aiya its like tat.....USM ma.... suka suka this suka suka tat...... if u see where i am different..........aiya........i still remember the times we had during our first nice.....lucky us.....pity the juniors and freshers....

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