Friday, October 16, 2009

What does Best Instructor Award means?

Best Instructor Award (BIA) by USM Lifeguard corps is a encouragement for me to take on more challeges in becoming instructor of higher level of life saving.

But, is my ability match the qualification of becoming an instructor? a best one?

Something is struggling in my head, among candidates for the real examination.

Attendance VS speed, which one should i choose? or should I let them decide themselves?

is the class that having worst attendance in my 2 years teaching. I wouldn't ask for more, is the student self initiative. As university students, you should be aware and be disciplines. As a USM lifeguard, you should be more self discipline.

As instructor, there are a lot of dissapointment on myself. I cannot fullfill my responsibility.
I cannot complete my task. I dissapoint my students who always attend the class.

2 more days to the real exam, I praying and craving for miracle.

Thanks to those who always attend the class on time and absence with a reason.( you know you are who)

All the best to all...

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