Monday, October 19, 2009

Hooray! Congratulation dear all!

To all my dear Award of Merit students,

First, I wish to congrats all of you guys did a very good job in yesterday!
Me and Wei Inn were so impressed by you guys! Especially the towing event!
It has been a long time for the training, and almost every training i almost lost my temper.
I have to apologize if I did any 'lost control' behavior or annoying faces to any one of you.

Frankly, is really not easy to train up a bunch of students like you guys to Award level. The gap is quite big. However, the improvement is amazing, awesome and I'm very proud of you guys!

Thanks for all the good and bad memories we all have together, especially my birthday celebration! haha...

Our journey do not end here, is just a beginning, aim for distinction level, then be a good instructor for the future water sapien generations.

I'm so sorry that this time I'm too busy with and my master. Also, the stupid spotlight causing the pool to close earlier which mean less training time for us.

Although I don't when will the Distinction exam be held, let's dont stop here, fight on and keep up the spirit!


sAn said...

wei wei wei...
must ask me for all 350 activities, i wanna join desperately...

Anonymous said...

how should I contact you for bronze medallion enquiry? My HP 016-4714400.

Adrian said...

check out

Adrian said...

For enquiries about life saving course, you can drop me an email at