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Monday, May 2, 2011

Strawberry Forever @ Penang

Strawberry? I not very like it...
The story start when I'm still working in the lab, a SMS pop up, phone rang, -> BOOKED, 1pm
As simple as that and I have to stop all my works and accompany my girl to the restoran near burger king, Penang! (neh, near the sungai pinang area with the 3 super tall, blue and no purpose tiang)

The Strawberry forever franchise @ Penang.
Originally from Hong Kong, it is the first strawberry concept restoran in HK.
Own by Double Star Group.

Every table is ready with a layer of poster paper, TISU paper and spoon+fork...
btw, the girl in the poster will keep looking at you no matter where you sit, amazing eyes...
(I look at her face with a fierce expression... nth happen... (-_-)||| )
They are begging you to join their facebook page! Here you go:

The strawberry everything!

damage: RM11.90
Chicken Udong
okok lo... not the selling point ma... chicken got chicken smell one...

Prawn curry noodles
Normal la, not bad

The french fries with strawberry thousand island source, as you can see, the pieces of strawberry in the saurce.
RM5.90 or 6.90 (cant remember)

The desert, mango and strawberry napoleon
RM 11.90 or 10.90 (cant remember)
this look great! but very little only...
nice is nice but not worth the money

Looks good, taste good, price also very 'good'!
Eat at your own risk, Dont scold me if not nice!

Mon - Sun:11:00 am-11:00 pm

A dessert cafe with a twist!
MasterCard and VisaCard accepted

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Swimming class in Penang Island

Swimming class available at your aprtment swimming pool or USM swimming pool (membership required) in Penang island.

Breast stroke/ Free style/ Back stroke/ Butterfly

Interested Please SMS /Call /email Adrian Chek for further information or Quotation.

Please join our facebook page @
AC Swimming Academy Facebook Page

Read lastest posts @
ACSA penang blogspot

LSSM lifesaving Instructor
LSSM CPR instructor
Swimming instructor for Penang Down Syndrome Association
USM varsity team swimmer
Best lifesaving instructor USM 08/09
Vice Captain, USM Lifeguard corps 08/09

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fireworks @ Jasin, Malacca

As usual, my CNY celebration will back to Malacca where my grandparents stay – Jasin, Malacca.

When trying to capture my grandpa praying for the prosperity god, there were some nice fireworks from others houses, without delay, change my camera position and adjust to longer exposure like 30seconds and small aperture like f/22, with tripod and manual focus. I tried a lot and failed, finally get what I want, a few fireworks in a single frame. This is it!


So… Happy Chinese New Year! Wish you have a great 2011 and prosperity!

Stay Healthy! Stay Happy! Stay young!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The definition of biodegradability

Biodegradability definition

According to

Towards Common Ground –

Meeting Summary of the International Workshop on Biodegradability,

Annapolis, MD, USA, 1992.

· For all practical purposes of applying a definition, material manufactured to be biodegradable must relate to a specific disposal pathway such as composting, sewage treatment, denitrification, or anaerobic sludge treatment.

· The rate of degradation of a material manufactured to be biodegradable has to be consistent with the disposal method and other components of the pathway into which it is introduced, such that accumulation is controlled.

· The ultimate end products of aerobic biodegradation of a material manufactured to be biodegradable are carbon dioxide, water and minerals and that the intermediate products include biomass and humic materials. (Anaerobic biodegradation was discussed in less detail by the participants).

· Materials must biodegrade safely and not negatively impact on the disposal process or the use of the end product of the disposal.

Aerobic biodegradation

CPOLYMER + O2 -------------->


Anaerobic biodegradation

CPOLYMER -------------------->


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Terbalik dah!

What's wrong when a government is taking action towards those refuse to comply the law regardless of the races?

2008 - MPPP took action against 2,063 illegal hawkers for non-compliance of the law. Malays - 785 cases (38%), Chinese - 1,082 cases (52%), and Indians - 196 cases (10%).

2009 - MPPP took action against 2,789 illegal hawkers for non-compliance of the law. Malays - 815 cases (29%), Chinese - 1,727 cases (62%), and Indians - 247 cases (9%).

This is fact!

According to UMNO-online,
this is considered as non-humanity act for the malay community...

Is the government only taking actions on certain races?
or taking actions on the ILLEGAL hawkers regardless of races?

Based on the MPPP statistic, Chinese illegal hawkers were the 62%!!!!!!
I wonder why the picture of their stall demolished are never published in those newspaper?
If the newspaper is not RACISM, what's that?!

How can we trust the media who is lying?!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Reasons for the hairless moment

21st Oct 2010, I cut and shave my hair and become a 'BOTAK'.
There were several reasons for me to do that and I love to be botak!
1. I don't like to care about my hair, no matter how I 'set' them, they still messy.
2. My hair not very much already.
3. I like to be botak (because got people praise me handsome when im botak, haha!)

A yeng botak with his black cat (xiao hei)