Saturday, November 27, 2010

Terbalik dah!

What's wrong when a government is taking action towards those refuse to comply the law regardless of the races?

2008 - MPPP took action against 2,063 illegal hawkers for non-compliance of the law. Malays - 785 cases (38%), Chinese - 1,082 cases (52%), and Indians - 196 cases (10%).

2009 - MPPP took action against 2,789 illegal hawkers for non-compliance of the law. Malays - 815 cases (29%), Chinese - 1,727 cases (62%), and Indians - 247 cases (9%).

This is fact!

According to UMNO-online,
this is considered as non-humanity act for the malay community...

Is the government only taking actions on certain races?
or taking actions on the ILLEGAL hawkers regardless of races?

Based on the MPPP statistic, Chinese illegal hawkers were the 62%!!!!!!
I wonder why the picture of their stall demolished are never published in those newspaper?
If the newspaper is not RACISM, what's that?!

How can we trust the media who is lying?!


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