Monday, January 5, 2009

My girl

September 28 is our anniversary,
September 25 is my birthday,
January 06 is her birthday.

She is a ordinary chinese girl from Tai Ping, staying in KL, currently studying in USM Penang. 
2006 July, we entered the University as fresh man, I'm taking pure biological sciences while she is taking management study. We do not know for each other.

I'm taking life saving course in my 1st academic year and passed as basic requirement to join USM lifeguard corps in the 2nd SEM 06/07.
She is learning swimming, passed the bronze medallion level and join the corps in 1st SEM 07/08.

I'm majoring in microbiology after being 2nd year student while she is majoring in international business during 2nd year. (**The chairman of this international business is Datin who lack of management skills, responsibilities and creditibility)

2nd year, we started to get to know each other... 
we start sms-ing, have lunch together, walking around in the campus, caring for each other.
not yet a official couple.

she sick one day, I worry, but nervous to show my care, she is down. 
In room, like the ants on the fire, cant sms, cant enter her room(malaysia is a very conservative country, guys cant enter girl's block)

then, she better, i treat her lunch.

after few days, cinema for our first movie - Invasion.

In the movie, chemical factors push us together in the unmatched aura of the show. 
she lie on my shoulder, my arm around her neck, cant focus on the show.

From there, we started our journey... 

 sweetest memories~

From left, sitting: Ruo wen, Edwin, me, Chin Yee, Ming Chee, Sze Yin.
From left, standing: soon jiun, james chua, lye siong, cau cieh, kevin ling.
Chinese new year reunion dinner 07/08 of lifeguard corps, as the social n recreational department head, we organize this dinner. for the reunion of juniors and seniors and ex-lifeguards.

This is me using rope throwing rescue to save a 10meters away casualty and exit casualty in life saving demonstration to pulapol.

Chin yee briefing about methods to exit casualty out of the waters to the attendants. we handle different stations to save the demonstration time for them.

From left: wei wah, hong en, chin yee, evan, min fey, teen yuan.
Taken after the life saving demonstration in USM swimming pool, the 2nd home of USM lifeguards.

In chin min's wedding dinner, with chin yee outside the ball room.

In dinner table, I just yum seng finish, tiring, haha...

My dearest... in front of de bali, going to have some drinks during chin min's bachelor's night.

Malacca, before going back to penang, riding on the Keris of malacca. RM 10 for malaysian, foreigner RM20, where is the ethic? Not very enjoying, just turn turn turn and come down.

In Johor, my home, with dad, mum, sis, xbb and our little princess: Fergie (mini pinscer)

Chin yee in 2nd fitness test, we are running a triathlon test for all the lifeguards. = ) all passed.

NAughty sapo in my lab. 
xbb in front of incubator, in my lab.

Xbb locker in lifeguard room, the locker key with voodoo from my creation, hehe...fat fat one...

The girl behind successful guy, hehe...

Happy Birthday, my little girl, I love you~


Abe said...

This is so sweet..
All the best 3rd bro..
No matter how far she is..
I belive she is near..

No matter what..
Im gonna be near too..
as a parasite? as a friend? Bro?

read this entry need to spend tears
BO TAT (not worthwhie)


静怡 said...

i dun even know i got those photos leh..haha...thanks leh b. W.A.N!!

CelluloSaT~ said...

haha...thanks ya, 2nd bro! dont worry I'm completely O.K now...since the tech nowadays so oisheh...haha...atleast I know she is safe then I'm not so worry lo...anyway, thank you bro~

JY said...

wow... really touching... our 3rd bro is such a "Gan Xing" or sentimental person underneath his funny/crazy appearance.

jus like wat 2nd bro said, we r always near to each other. no matter where will we be in the future. there's always place in the heart..

anyway, the distance is always not a pro.. no matter how far u two r. inside the heart, will still be close to each other...
(dun see me always play play around ok, i m not wat u all see.. haha..)


ismeweiwei said...

happy to know all these good news although am not there... ;)


old biscuit

CelluloSaT~ said...

haha...thank you le thank you le!!!

I'm memang very gan xing de, now oni noe your 3rd bro meh? haha...

is my honour to received u guys comments... thank you for all your supports...

Don't worry about us, hehe, we steady one...blek~