Thursday, January 15, 2009

Filter paper SEM

Academic year 08/09, my final year in microbiology, at the same time, I have been assigned a final year project title under Assoc. Prof. Dr. Razip Samian. Screening for cellulolytic bacteria from external environment. Whole project idea is searching for bacteria that able to degrade cellulose (Oil palm wastes such as palm fronds) into glucose, then, from glucose to ethanol. For my FYP, I will concentrate on the 1st conversion, that is from cellulose to glucose. 

Why is it important?
Ethanol is the popular biofuel that contain the potential to replace our dependence on fossil. The research field is emerging, US government urge and support the scientists to develop on this, there are cars moving by using ethanol instead of gasoline. some using mix between gasoline and ethanol, some say it is called gasohol. Hence, if success to search for cheap and easy methods, we will have unlimited sources of energy from the agricultural wastes.

These are pictures of Scanning electron microscope (SEM) for filter paper degradation observation. However, No significant results showed, after discuss with Dr, we think that this is not a good way to do the test, but have to be included in my thesis also.

FT32, bacteria isolated from Kemendor, Jasin Melaka, oil palm estate, there is a crack, not sure whether is attacjed by bacterial enzyme or mechanical damage.

Filter paper, 98% of alpha-cellulose in the fibers. 

Control, without bacteria culture, This is the filter paper.
Another picture of filter paper surface.

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