Wednesday, October 22, 2008


22 OCT 2008 raining day USM swimming pool
2 malays are not obey to the instruction by lifeguard on duty, I help up. 
They insist want to stay in the pool because they PAID

They stay as they wish...

After close pool, after bathed...
I'm sitting at the grandstand, waiting for the others...
Then, I heard some voice of babi5...
I look up and sit near them...
the stupid guy said: We 2 ppl only, didn't use all lane, you all training use so many lanes!
I said: U wan complaint, go unit sukan!1
Stupid, really stupid guy said: I don't want to talk to you, you shut up!
****Oh, what the fuck! man! This stupid malay really thought his RM1 is very GENG!2As usual, I bear...

Then, I insist my point AGAIN, You want complaint, go Unit sukan, we are just duty on behalf of them.
Then the mother fucker, stupid, kurang ajar, shamed USM malay student said: I'm don't want to talk to you, you shut up!
****Excuse me? What the fuck, what the hell, WHAT do you think you are?
I shout: You SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!
He said: Kurang ajar....3
I stunned! Who is the one kurang ajar? Who is the one shut other people mouth first? 
I replied him steadily: SIAPA4 kurang ajar dulu?
He quiet and look at other side...
OK...that is what happened 50minutes I'm more calm and more rational...

USM olympic-sized swimming pool
open daily from 5pm-8.30pm 
( But now the pool light is not well functioned6 so is closed at 7.30pm for public, except for lifesaving class can proceed till 8.30pm with instructor!)
The reason for public pool users to be leave at 7.30pm is due to safety reason!!!!!! Not lack of space!

As vice captain of USM lifeguard corps 08/09
I hope that all pool users can respect and follow the instruction especially issues regarding safety! 
Student Lifeguards in USM who duty at the pool volunteery during Study term, no salary, used up 2 hours to life-guarding the pool safety... 
We serve for USM pool users, aqua sapiens who love swimming, who like water sports...
When something happen, we saved life, but usually it will not be remembered...
What public remembered is when lifeguard pointed at him/her and tell them 'You cannot do this/that due to this/that reasons'...

Adrian Chek
          I Angry because I lose my temper
I Dissapointed because idiot in USM today

Above: Swimming  pool view.
Bottom: Main entrance of USM swimming pool. 
Both pictures taken during 2nd fitness test 08

1. Unit Sukan - Sport Unit in malay, department incharge of sports facilities.
2. GENG - sorta excellent or very O.K in cantonese.
3. Kurang Ajar - lack of education, culture in Malay.
4. SIAPA - Who in Malay.
5. Babi - Pig in Malay, normally it represent other things or human who are bad.
6. pool lighting is not well functioning - it still can be see quite clear but sports unit only allow life saving students continue training after 7.30pm.

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Pacifier said...

ei, i didn't heard u say this b4 one. after the pool close. nvm la all over liao, unlucky for them i got class that nite if not they die. hahahaha........ calm down bro....