Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life Saving course - Bronze Medallion part 1

Towards the end of the Semester, what have I did in the first term of my final year?
Yup, I conducted my 2nd Bronze Medallion lesson this term...
My class is conducting on Tuesday and Thursday 7pm to 8.30pm, excluding extra class.

Lifesaving is the act involving rescueresuscitation and first aid. It often refers to water safety and aquatic rescue however it could include ice rescue, flood and river rescue, swimming pool rescue and other emergency medical services. As life savers, we have to be alert and able to assess the situation. Importantly, release and defense yourselves from potential dangerous casualty. 

This is my class

From left: Maria, Sylvester, Daniel and Azira

Initially there are 6 persons who entered my class, then 2 quits.

First one, a chinese guy who claim that he is scared of the water during the fitness test for B. Med students. Bonus: he havn't entered the water yet and just look at the pool and make the decision.

Second one, a indian guy who follow several lessons of mine but received call from him one day.The conversation...(those still can remember la)

Him: Hi, Adrian, I got something to tell you...

Me: Yes, Whats that?

Him: I afraid I can't attend your class today because I having flu.

Me: O.K! No problem, get more rest, bro...

Him: I got 1 thing to tell you, Adrian. (is a sad part, so imaging is sad voice) My lungs having some problems, doctor asks me don't do vigorous exercises.

Me: Ops, Ok........

After that, he didn't come my class anymore... =)


Life Saving Society of Malaysia Objectives

  • To develop and promote awareness of water safety as a basis of teaching swimming to people, especially children
  • To train individuals in the skills and techniques of life saving
  • To promote and teach the techniques of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • To encourage the formation of Lifeguard Corps (National Lifeguard Services) for duty at swimming pools and on beaches OUR GOAL - A LIFE SAVER IN EVERY FAMILY


Anonymous said...

Did USM provide bronze medallion training to non-USM students and staff?

lordfeezal said...

I would to join if non usm can join ur class