Friday, June 12, 2009

USM blunder

Academic year 2008/2009, a special year for USM, my dear beloved university. 

We get our status as APEX U, we aiming to be best U in this region and go on top of the world...

But not yet reach one year of carrying this status, a terrible mistake had been made, an internet blunder where accidentally posted unfiltered admission lists. 

As parents, I think they will inform all their relatives and friends about their kids getting into APEX U, because they are proud of them! 
If I were the student, I will feel very very sad. 
If I were the parents, I will feel no face. 
So, who will tolerate with this blunder which made my family no face? (esp for chinese)

But is USM deserved a chance to correct her mistakes and be better?
of course! Why we need to blame for a mistake that already been made?
We should focus on how to avoid this to be happened again.
If this blunder happen again next year, woisheh! we will be famous and even myself cant accept this. 

Reading newspaper, everyday, there will be some politicians or reporters comment about USM blunder, everytime I read, everytime I hurt, is like someone you love being scolded for a mistake. 

As USM student, I also regret for the mistake USM did, but we are still USM students, Don't worry, we will support you and fly towards our goal in the future together! (not the ranking but the real effective education system) We love you, USM!  

Adrian Chek 
Graduate of pure biology (Microbiology) 08/09

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Abe said...

i love usm too...and minfey..pipopipo!