Friday, June 12, 2009

Kapas Marang Swimathon 09

My first swimathon at Terengganu, Swim from Kapas island to Marang with estimated distance 6.5KM. We went there on Friday morning by USM Van with total of 9 swimmers, 1 driver and 1 officer. The journey was uncomfortable due to the traditional Malaysian Road and the seats of the traditional van. 

However, I'm enjoyed the swimming of 2 hours 35 minutes with 25th placing in the MEN category. I trained my mental fitness with this event, physical fitness? I think I can be more fit... When I swim, I keep imaging the shark is following me, so I keep looking at both side, while I'm taking my breath with front crawl. A great experience! Awesome!

The journey, We are chinese, and I like cho dai di! haha! 

Reach the junction... Left or Right? You have a choice... we choose right...and it is right!

Reach Hotel Seri Malaysia, with serious face... Worrying about tmr event...
where to eat after swimathon?

Dinner time!Behind us is the Kapas island where we heading in the morning the next day and the starting point of our journey back to Marang.

We are not scare of YOU, OCEAN! we are USISM! HUKASHAKA!

The beatiful scene of Kapas island!

The welcome banner of Swimathon!

After dinner, we went for the jeti and have a photo session!

Lunch at Kapas island, before snorkeling...

Before the swimathon, in our room, orangers were ready for swim!
is 6am in the morning, so most are sleepy face...

We have completed the event! with medals as proof! USM Orangers Rocks!

With T-shirts, caps, medals, 100plus, mineral water, power bar towel awarded after complete event... The yellow T shirt is low quality and make my other shirts yellow too...

With Ungkur Azhar, National Triathlete, after swimathon, We met in USM-LSSM CPR Instructorship course as participants. He taught us tips on training for Open water swimming techniques. A great guy. 

The end of the Swimathon. We back to USM. and start my final exam of my final academic year.
When reach USM gate, I feel stressed... A feeling of run away surrounding me...
I hate it, and that's maight be a reason why my academic results were not that great...
The interest was not there, the education system was fixed and not fun. Most importantly, I don't think what i Learned in the lecture was applicable... So, is not 'so' meaningful and eventually that leads to low productivity study...

I think what i have learned in the swimathon was greater than what i had learned in my 3 years course for my personality building.

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