Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My first tripod, pop-up flash diffuser, D.I.Y diffuser and remote cable release!

Just bought a relatively cheap tripod from China. Together, free a cable release.
Due to budget problem, after a survey of a year, still cant buy a external flash gun, I wanna try strobe! so, I refer to an angmo DIY this diffuser + bounce card to make the built-in flash softer, the result is really nice! but eat a lot of my 450D power... Then a ready-made diffuser cost RM20, together with a holder and 3 pieces of diffuser, so why not give it a try, and i bought it.
If ask me which one is better, I still prefer the DIY one, hehe... feel the bouncing part made the light source bigger and diffuse more light.
Weekend is coming!

Nibong Weifeng Fancier professional tripod FT628T tripod + 6663H ball head

This is the ball head, there is a compass and level indicator

The fully extended tri-legs... there is a hook to hook on a heavier bag to make it more steady during windy sesssion...

My first trial of DIY diffuser... Consist of 2 parts
(the aluminium part - bounce the direct flash light back to the bounce card)

This bounce card part to diffuse the hard light to be more soft.
Problem is the way to stick to DSLR instead of holding it with my hand. on the way...

This is the free gift coming with the tripod, solid built and fun gear.

The diffuser