Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kitten, borned in my house~

One hot afternoon, A big female cat jump into my room from window(why I know is female is because the visible big breast). After chasing her out, I check the 'drain' outside my room. (My room is at 1st floor, so there is a weird dead end 'drain' like hole for aircon discharge or planting i guess). Surprisingly, 4 kitten inside there! Problem is my hands cant reach out for them! so i modify a plastic to pull them out.
Now they living at the corridor 1st floor, my block. everyone feeding them except us. but they still like to play and sleep at our shoes rack, sometimes even in our shoes.

Only 3 kitten left, another one I cant find her anymore. very playful now. keep fighting and jumping although cant really walk properly.

Gf put a layer at the bottom of the shoes rack so they will nt fall into the gap. Then, start fighting for the space untill we put a shoes to separate the place into 2. Another one still playing with the slipper at the corridor.

Trying hard to get into the new bed!

What is this? she just curious about everything. a new born baby.

This is the weakest!
So innocent, but I still prefer dog. sorry...

My favourite little black, 小黑, very cute... and agressive when playing...

Playing with the tali...

Comfortably sitting on the new bed, separating with a shoes. neighbour with the little black.

Before putting a layer for them... see the weakest totally strandled by the sticks... stuck in there!

Sayang sayang, i dont like the cat everytime also so manja...

Trying to be funny har?

Another case of stuck in the sticks forest


santo said... you have 2 in our house!!

CK said...

cat really curious bout everything ooo...