Tuesday, July 27, 2010

nothing is imposibble!

I finished my secondary education in SMK Taman Johor Jaya (1) which is ranked number 2 problematic school during my time, and climbed up to number 1 after I'm grad because my super juniors just burned the security guard pondok.
I was actively involved in St. John Ambulance Malaysia then and enjoying school politics as Duty Secretary of SJAM division SMKTJJ1.

Form 6, I have to changed to another secondary school, SMK Permas Jaya, which is a better managed school, but the students there are just too good, they will walk within the line, everyone uniforms are so neat, the toilet is so clean, nobody smoke, no fire burning, no ppl trying to steal the TV from library and the staff and head master are just too good and fair! make me not used to it!

The SJAM here is like a dead organization. With 300 members in the list. Nobody appeared on Saturday Ko-K activity. No proper activity. No proper AGM. As SJAM members, we decided to help them up.

After several meeting and discussion, I found out many things that I thk is possible, is impossible in their mind, esp from Physics class.
This is opposite of my idea that we should try before we say it is not doable, even we failed, we still can learned something from the failure, of course, we need to plan properly.

After so many years, many ppl still worry this and that, aiya, just do it la when u still young, dont scare fail ma...
However, after so many years, I also kena this virus, injected into my mind liao.

Is time to think again and adjust myself.
IF it is not possible, and if I'm not trying hard enough, I will be regret and SJAM of my form 6 school will not be revived.

Just remind myself not to be too EGO, a little bit can la... haha!

Is time to really think about it.

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santo said...

ok...lets do it..haha